Bright Flare

From: Cees Bassa (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 05:19:45 EDT

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    Dear all,
    Last night, while observing comet Neat, I saw 2 bright flares. I was able 
    to identify one as an Iridium, but failed to find a good match for the 
    The satellite was travelling from South to North in probably a polar 
    orbit that would bring it close to the Zenith, and I had the 
    impression it was moving slower than an Iridium. Also the flare lasted 
    longer for what I expect from Iridiums. It reached -4 mag. I wasn't able 
    to write down the exact time and position in the sky, and since I couldn't 
    find a good match with Mike McCants alldat.tle, I am uncertain about the 
    time and position. What I recall was that the satellite was located 
    between the head of Serpens and the top of Ophuichius, at RA~16.5h, 
    Dec~+10d at about 00:57 CEST on May 19th (22:57 UT on May 18th).
    My observing site is at 51.9114 N, 5.1736 E.
    Any ideas?
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