RE: Help with identifying a flasher

From: Geoff Nelson (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 07:19:11 EDT

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    First of all thanks Ted.
    I am not sure of it passing between alpha and tau scorpii. I saw the 
    flash before it passed through scorpii and then looked at my watch 
    which is about 10 seconds fast according to the NIH time sinc site. I 
    then looked up and watched it proceed on until it applused theta 
    Lupi. I think this must be the correct id as the time is correct and 
    i could be wrong as I was more excited about what I was seeing than 
    making absolutely certain initially that I was taking note of enough 
    information to clearly ID the satellite correctly.
    I am fairly certain of my co-ordinates to within 0.1 of a degree.
    Once again I have learnt something. 
    Thanks again
    Ted Molczan wrote
    > MOS 1-A best matches the observed time, and is known to flash
    > brilliantly and irregularly:
    > MOS 1-A          2.4  1.5  1.3  7.0 d 7.21
    > 1 17527U 87018A   04136.52966743 -.00000027  00000-0  10000-4 0  7557
    > 2 17527  98.7217 129.4501 0009763 191.7387 168.3552 14.01737546879553
    > On 2004 May 18 at 03:23:39 UTC, it passed 0.7 deg outside of the line
    > between Alpha and Tau Scorpii (az 252, el 31). At 03:24:20 UTC, it
    > appulsed Theta Lupi.
    > On balance, MOS 1-A seems the more likely candidate. How certain are
    > you that it passed between, and not outside, Alpha and Tau Scorpii?
    > How certain are you of your site co-ordinates?
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