Last Night's ISS Jupiter 'Transit'

From: Ron (
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 14:21:09 EDT

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    My friend George Varros and I viewed and recorded the encounter last night
    from a horse farm near New Market, MD.  A couple of people who lived at the
    farm came out to see what we were up to and viewed the entire event with us.
    It was really cool!
    We ended up a short distance from the actual ground track, so ISS passed
    about 60 arcseconds to the side of Jupiter.  George had a setup with a wider
    field of view than I and captured about 4 or 5 frames with ISS.  I had a
    higher magnification view and only caught ISS in the very corner of my fov.
    My recording was on VHS and it hasnąt been digitized yet.
    George recorded in digital video and you can see an image of one of the
    frames from his video at:
    (Thanks, Tom!)  
    It is is a single de-interlaced video field of ISS passing near Jupiter.
    George used an 8" f/6 Dob masked to 2.875 inch aperture, a 25mm eyepiece and
    PC-164 video camera.  Not sure of the FOV or power...
    Unfortunately, all detail is washed out other than the leading edge of ISS
    which seems very crisp...focus was good!
    Observing location was at about 39.4054 N, 77.2736 W; elevation 410 feet.
    (Based on ­ we didnąt have a GPS.)  This location was
    pretty much smack dab in the middle of the final predicted centerline ground
    track from the Tom Fly e-mail alert of Thursday evening.
    Sorry, but we neglected to mark the exact time of the Śtransitą.
    -Ron Robisch
    Monrovia MD
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