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Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 06:42:51 EDT

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    If you (also) need a utility to compare your results,
    Ken Ernandes' VEC2TLE does support -both ways- (not J2000 but) :
    "VEC2TLE provides two standard systems for specifying the orientation of the
    ECI coordinate axes:  1) True Equator, True Equinox of Date and 2) Mean
    Equator, Mean Equinox of 1950 (M50).  The former, as its name implies,
    orients the X-, Y-, and Z-axes to the actual directions of the Vernal Equinox
    and polar axes at the applicable time of the vector.  The latter orients the
    axes to the respective directions of the equinox and pole at the beginning of
    the Besselian Year 1950.
    1.1.2		Earth-Fixed Greenwich (EFG)
    The EFG coordinate frame rotates with the Earth.  The primary axis (E-axis)
    is in the equatorial plane and is directed through the Greenwich Prime
    Meridian (GPM).  The F-axis is also in the equatorial plane and points 90
    degrees to the East of the GPM.  The G-axis is perpendicular to the true
    equator, and points through the North Pole.  The EFG system is also known as
    the True of Day Rotating (TDR).
    > At 17:23 14/05/04, wrote:
    > >Hello,
    > >
    > >I'm looking for source code that will convert a vector from J2000 to a TLE
    > >file.
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