Re: NASA Quotes Thomas Fly on ISS - Jupiter conjunction/transit/eclipse

Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 21:05:55 EDT

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    Tom Fly said, 
    "For anyone who's able to record such a transit, it's vital for later analysis 
    to document the precise location (latitude & longitude, to 4 decimal places if 
    Then in the NASA article I read, "If you want to get inside the path of 
    totality, try using a GPS receiver to guide you to the listed coordinates."
    I again want to say that a GPSr (r = receiver) is a very handy accessory to 
    have. I use my Magellan a lot. It easily gets me to within 30 feet of anywhere.
    Congratulations Tom! We are fortunate to have people like you that make 
    predictable, visions that would've gone unnoticed before. 
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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