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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 17:05:34 EDT

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    Ed Cannon wrote:
    > If it traveled from Alphard to Castor in about two minutes,
    > IRS-P2 (23323, 94-068A), known to give very bright flashes 
    > on some passes, is a reasonable candidate.  At 4:10:03 UTC
    > it was at about RA 9:30, Dec. -9.8 (2000 coordinates; 
    > altitude 37, azimuth 221).  It culminated alt. 45, azi. 264, 
    > and at 4:12:07 it had reached RA 7:57, Dec +29.9 (alt. 43, 
    > azi. 281).
    Very bright flashes indeed! They were hard to miss. I thought
    it was a plane but there were no other strobes or beacons.
    When I saw the second flash I knew it had to be a sat.
    I've been in email contact with Bjorn Gimle and from the
    map he provided I concur that IRS-P2 is the likely candidate.
    I looked again using the TLE files I had and I find a good
    match to IRS-P2. It didn't show up in my postdictions last
    night because I had the filters set wrong. duh....
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