From: Skywise (skywise711@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 01:18:51 EDT

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    I need help with an ID. I tried all of Mike McCant's and
    Dave Ransom's current TLE files with no success.
    While taking the trash out this evening (5-11-04) I was
    admiring the sky and saw a flsh in the general vicinity of
    Alpha Hydra in the south west. Thought at first it was a
    plane but saw nothing more. Then another flash about 5
    seconds later. Definately not a plane. I continued to stare
    in that area for another good 30 seconds and saw nothing
    more so I dumped my trash and headed back to the house.
    On the way back I was looking towards Gemini and saw a
    flash just south east of Pollux. Continuing to stare
    I saw another flash very close to Castor about 5 seconds
    later. I presumed I was seeing the same satellite which
    was moving from south to north. So I continued to watch
    along the apparent track further north and thought I saw
    some dim flashes but not sure.
    I didn't have my watch on me but when I got back in the
    house it was 9:14 pm, PDT (4:14UT 5-12-04).
    The basic track appeared to be polar moving from south
    to north culminating in the west at about 40-45 degrees
    118.0 west
    33.8 north
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