Raduga 33 obs, rev 7234

From: Kent Yeglin (ky@yeglin.com)
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 04:26:41 EDT

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    Apologies for the late posing... just subscribed.
    Have been following the Raduga 33 posts and have had visual obs on it for 
    the past three nights now. Didn't see any obs reports on the list from 
    orbit 7234 and thought my contribution might be useful in the 
    Observed Raduga 33 from my location at 37.828N, 122.267W, 40m AMSL 
    (Oakland, California, USA) from 04:33:45 to 04:34:05 with 7x50 binocs. Sat 
    was 45 sec. early (+/- 5 sec.) against SatSpy 4.03 prediction using the 
    then-latest elset from OIG:
    RADUGA 33
    1 23794U 96010A   04127.11814247  .99999999  68121-5  14931-2 0  5219
    2 23794  47.7869 115.7560 0608105 103.6620 279.6507 15.20503176 72332
    Obsrved only strobe-like flashes of about mag. 0, circa 3 sec. period. 
    Could not see sat between flashes (limiting magnitude was 3.0 at sat's 
    position in sky of 15 deg. el., 300 deg. az. due to low elevation and high 
    cirrus clouds).
    Wish I could be more precise on the timing -- had WWV on in the background 
    -- but tracking the mostly-invisible sat through the clouds stressed my 
    multitasking abilities.
    Good Seeing to All,
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