Raduga sighting

From: Bill Mitchell (astronutski@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 22:00:56 EDT

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    First, let me apologize, I am a casual observer and do not have
    specific timings and the like.
    With that said, I just saw a f-a-s-t pass of Raduga 33 thanks to
    Ted's most recent elset's.
    1 23794U 96010A   04126.98184383  .13616044  84073-5  20800-3 0  5203
    2 23794  47.7696 116.4204 0829170 101.2074 268.2913 14.63925149 72303
      It was running (again I apologize) roughly 1 minute early, but
    generally along the predicted path.  My wife and I followed it across
    the entire sky and was it ever humming.  At first I thought it was an
    airplane because of the flashing, but it was flashing WHITE. 
    Absolutely no red flashes at all.  I used 8 x 40's also but it was
    moving so fast I quickly put them down just to stand there watching
    naked eye in awe.  I've never seen anything move that fast except low
    flying aircraft (like 500' AGL).
    I would estimate it's magnitude around 1.0 with slow flashes every
    3-4 seconds around 0 magnitude.
    I am at 42.072N, 80.143W and the pass was plotted in Chris Marriott's
    Skymap Pro from 01:23 UTC to 01:31 UTC although it entered shadow
    around 01:29
    Hope some of this is useful, I was just too excited not to write!
    Clear skies,
    PS.  I will try again for the 03:07 UTC pass although it's only going
    to be 11 degrees altitude in the North.
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