ISS marathon.....

From: John Locker (
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 10:19:54 EDT

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    Well not quite a marathon , but last night the skies cleared here enough to
    see two passes through thin cloud cover.
    The first , 2220 gmt I managed to catch on video.
    I particularly wanted to image the station in the "overhead" so as to catch
    a glimpse of the truss and radiators.
    Usually as the complex moves in from the west , and the brightness increases
    as the radiators start to reflect , much of the detail is burnt
    last night I reduced the settings a little.
    As a consequence , the run in was under exposed , but overhead things turned
    out a little better.
    I'd swear it  was possible to see the ripple effect on the P1 truss radiator
    , and given the poor seeing conditions , quite a bit of detail.
    The second pass I changed my view point slightly , and witnessed a stunning
    , long run in and lazy "turn" to the south
    A couple of frames from the first pass have been placed at the top of the
    Best wishes,
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