Re: ISS "marathons"

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 15:04:59 EDT

  • Next message: Alan Pickup: "Decay watch: 2003 May 22" will tell you when the ISS is passing over your area.  If you sign up for
    "all passes" (vs. visible passes) the sunlit passes will be highlighted in yellow.
    Since there's only a fairly narrow "window" before sunrise / after sunset when it would be dark, but the ISS (about 240 miles up,
    "seeing" an horizon about 1350 miles distant) would be sunlit (i.e., not in the earth's shadow, like you), seeing more than a couple
    consecutive sunlit passes would be tough- though perhaps that situation occurs at higher latitudes (England, etc.), around the
    winter solstice.
    Whether or not a transit will be visible on a given pass is simply a matter of where the moon has decided to be at the time.  If the
    ISS is visible from the moon, then in general there will be a spot on the earth's surface where the ISS could be seen transiting the
    moon: namely, the spot at which the ISS would appear to be "transiting" the earth if you were standing on the moon!
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