milstar 6

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 02:22:16 EDT

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    A few minutes ago I was able to capture the milstar 6 geo sat on video.
    I started the night by finding it again, it was much fainter then last time. 
    But seeing it was further from being 180 degrees from the sun, it makes 
    sense. Nothing was seen on the computer monitor at the time after I went 
    So a little while latter, I looked at it again. This time it was as bright 
    as I saw it one week ago. So I looked at the monitor, there she be:)
    As it passed 180 degrees form the sun or oposition point, I would say it 
    easily reached mag 7, as I had two stars of that mag in my video camera 
    feild of view. So it gets nice and bright when near oposition.
    I will now watch it grow fainter as it heads away from oposition.
    So I captured my first geo sat on video. Seeing as it covered in kapton type 
    gold foil and a big satellite, I am not suprised it gets bright.
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