Re: test of iss pass across the moon tonight

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 14:16:25 EDT

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    The applicable element set from is:
    1 25544U 98067A   03135.53539797  .00041100  00000-0  34010-3 0  9032
    2 25544  51.6314 184.3192 0006208 117.6314 242.5472 15.59272491 15916
    The principal difference appears not to be one of position, but of time; e.g.,
    > 2:55:35  23.327  168.109  543  46.6558 N,  56.4769 W  n -23.7 179.4
     02:55:37                        46.647     -56.505
    Beyond the fact that WorldView isn't an observer-oriented planetarium type program, other differences between SkyMap (and presumably
    STK) are that Rob computes the moon's position more accurately than I do- though the position I compute is within a few percent of
    the moon's size (I use Mark Huss' Java AstroLib, which he ported from Bill Gray's "Guide" C code).
    You can also note that (particularly) at the high latitude you reference, the elevation angle is getting small, so slight
    differences in the path taken by the light are magnified, in terms of where the light ray intersects the earth's surface.
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