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    ************************************************************ Epoch Date Age Analysis Friday, 09-May-2003, day 129 ************************************************************ File Name % wk old or less VISUAL.TXT 100.0 KEPELE.TLE 97.5 MCCANTS.TLE 95.4 TLE128.TXT 95.3 SPECIAL.TXT 87.3 TL030508.TXT 85.8 GSFC172.TXT 84.3 ALLDAT.TLE 68.5 File Name Total wk old or less ALLDAT.TLE 5786 MCCANTS.TLE 1573 TL030508.TXT 1534 SPECIAL.TXT 1336 GSFC172.TXT 1323 TLE128.TXT 934 KEPELE.TLE 551 VISUAL.TXT 132 ************************************************************ Epoch Date Age Analysis - Tuesdays & Fridays. ************************************************************ Epoch Date Age Analysis is compiled twice weekly by Satellite Tracking Houston. The epoch date is the time at which the orbital data have been calculated. For epoch date daily breakdowns, see: ----------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from SeeSat-L, send a message with 'unsubscribe' in the SUBJECT to List archived at

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