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From: paul heath (
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 23:27:14 EDT

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    I am an amateur with the Halifax Centre of the RASC. Most of my observing
    has been done at our clubs observatory near St. Croix, Nova
    Scotia, Canada.
    During an observing session on May 03/03,  I observed a tumbling satellite
    slowly pass through the field of view. None of the other observers present
    had ever seen a tumbling satellite before. This has prompted me to attempt
    to find out which satellite it was that I saw.
    The satellite passed NE to SE between NGC 3521 and the star 62 Leo.It
    flashed every 1/2 second and took about 20-30 seconds to cross the field.
    Based on the stars drawn in the field I would estimate the magnitude of the
    satellite to be about 7.0.  I was using an f 5.6 - 10" dob with a 15 mm
    plossal eye piece. The satellite was seen between 23:41 and 23:43 ADT
    (UT-3hr). Our observatory is located at LAT 44 56 53.2 N , LONG 64 02 27.4
    I hope that this is enough information to determine which satellite it was
    that we observed.
    Paul Heath
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