Multiple Sat Pass

From: Jari (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 02:47:59 EDT

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    As i was watching IGS 1B #27699 03009B make a bright mag 2 high elevation 86
    deg pass, i noticed a second dimmer object approx 12 deg East of IGS 1B and
    heading roughly in the same direction, SSE to NNW. It was a bit slower and
    at 06:01:55 +/- 3 sec 1 May UTC it passed between Alioth and Mizar in Ursa
    Major. As i was watching those 2 objects fly thru the Big Dipper, a third
    sat came into view passing slightly East of Alkaid heading SSE. I was able
    to ID the first object as ERS-2 #23560 95021A and the other one was Cosmos
    1766 r #16882 86055B.
    I also observed IGS Fairing 1 #27702 03009E make several nice bright neg
    flashes even though it was low, 27 deg, to the East while there was only 1
    bright -4 mag flash, and 1 mag 1 flash by IGS Fairing 2 #27703 03009F even
    though it's elevation was higher at 40 deg.
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