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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 21:24:05 EDT


I have been talking to a guy at southern stars about the skychart program.

It allows for showing the passage of satellite across the moon and 
background stars. I had problems with it not showing the satellites in the 
correct location before. But now they have improved the program in it's 
calculations of satellite positions. There is still a slight problem with it 
showing the position of the satellites.

Here is the problem

I like to watch satellites going across the disk of the moon.

I use rob's skymap to see where on the moon they will go across and then 
watch in my telescope. But I would like to do that also with skycharts.

So can my fellow satellite observers who use skymap give us a hand in trying 
to fix what might be a problem with skycharts, or either me. I find rob's 
skymap and the windows skymap at , agree in the path 
across the moon. But skycharts is slightly off. Call me fussy, so be it. I 
find in both skymaps, the satellite goes across the unlit area of the moon, 
but in skycharts it doesn't, so what I am doing wrong, it must be my fault:)

Check to see what positions you get for the satellite and moon, in skycharts 
and rob's skymap. I find I get different positions, which would because I 
would think, by the way the programs calculate the info.

You will need to download the demo version, then download a patch to use the 
improved method of getting satellite positions using the improved SGP4/SDP4 
orbital model from my site. It is not on the skycharts site, as we are bug 
testing it before it goes there.

Thanks for all the help you can give.


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