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Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 09:31:23 EDT

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    Ed Davies wrote:
    > I notice T+02:14 Start OMS Assist and T+03:37 End OMS Assist so the OMS
    > is used during the ascent.  Whether this is the OMS-1 burn or if that
    > still exists for contingencies later in the ascent I don't know.
    No. This is simply OMS Assist (=to augment thrust of SSME slightly with
    heavy cargo on high inclination trajectories).
    OMS-1 was used  in the early flights only, after ET separation (ie. some
    10 minutes after lift-off). I am not sure, but my theory is, that this
    maneuver was used because (due to security reasons) the trajectory
    immediately after MECO was with very low perigee (and apogee too? - I am
    on travel and have no information at hand) to securing early decay of ET
    over Indian ocean.
    This OMS-1 is not incorporated in planning at all now.
    The OMS-2 burn was always at the first apogee, and this designation is
    kept inspite deleting the OMS-1.
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