Re: Satspy question

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 19:26:27 EDT

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    > If you mean std mag, you can set the min under File/Preferences or
    > Options/Preferences, then click the Filter tab, it's in the upper
    > frame.  If you don't mean std mag, then I don't know.  Although the 
    > help
    > file gives the equation for estimated visual mag, I can't see that 
    > it
    > displays it anywhere or filters for it.
    Yes, that's right.  It should work, but it doesn't.  I'm using a
    registered version of Satspy 4.0.  Can anyone help me?  Anybody
    experiencing any similar problems and/or difficulties?
    Jonathan Wojack
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