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From: Ed Davies (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 18:39:01 EDT

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    Yesterday I wrote:
    > ....
    > I think that Shuttle operations have changed a bit since David Ransom
    > wrote this in that now the OMS is, I understand, used during the ascent.
    > It's called OMS Assist and is used to help get heavy loads into the
    > relatively high inclination orbit of the ISS.  I might be confused
    > here though as it is possible that OMS Assist refers to the use of
    > the OMS-2 burn.
    Looking at the STS-111 ascent time line at:
    I notice T+02:14 Start OMS Assist and T+03:37 End OMS Assist so the OMS
    is used during the ascent.  Whether this is the OMS-1 burn or if that
    still exists for contingencies later in the ascent I don't know.
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