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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 19:43:48 EDT

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    <> writes:
    > OMS as such is Orbital Maneuvring System = two rocket engines used 
    > for major correction manoeuvres of orbiter and for
    > deorbit manoeuver (as other people wrote already).
    > OMS-2 is used to denote the maneuver in the first apogee after 
    > lift-off of the shuttle. The number 2 stems from the fact,
    > that the shuttle was making another maneuver with OMS engines 
    > shortly after cut-off of the main engines (SSME MECO) and
    > after separation of external tank (ET). This maneuver denoted as 
    > OMS-1 was used only in the very beginning of shuttle
    > program and later was abandoned as unnecessary.
    Is the Reaction Control Sytem (RCS) used only for minor changes in the
    Orbiter's flight path (such as on final approach to the ISS) ?
    Jonathan Wojack
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