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Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 11:58:23 EDT

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    On Sun, 26 May 2002, Tony_Planinac wrote:
    > not to boast but I have the first edition of the log...volume 1 number 1....
    > the Space Logs are cool!
    "Not to boast", but I have an original of the ultra-rare Vol 1, issue 0
    !   Even Tina Thompson, the editor, didn't know that it existed until
    someone retiring found 20-3 copies at the back of an old drawer.
    As for the future of the Log, the reason that it kinda went downhill in
    recent years was simply that within TRW The Powers That Be simply did not
    value it because it produced no income for the company and it cost the
    company to produce, print and then mail out.   As I previously indicated,
    after the 1999 issue - done on a financial as well as "timing" shoestring
    - the only updates were done on-line, and was only in Tina Thompson's
    "spare time" when no-one was shouting for something else (and more
    trivial) to be done "yesterday".   Tina feels as bad as anyone for the
    Log's demise since whe was the longest-running editor, but when she's
    given no budget or time to do the work then only one thing can happen.
    And since she's leaving the company the Log's last TRW supporter will have
    "done an Elvis" and left the building.
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