From: Steve Newcomb (snewcomb@mail2.gcnet.net)
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 23:33:53 EDT

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    Tonite I saw the ISS 10d under Polaris  at 03:01:30 UTC from the West, haze
    had moved in and only Polaris and the ISS were visible. Kochab and other
    brighter stars all invisible, after checking watch under Polaris looked back
    up and they were gone too. Earlier viewed SeaSat, Okean-O and some Cosmos
    under poor viewing conditions.
    I have 2 older messages I posted that did not go out when seesat was down.
    Was out of town and just now back on line. I will post them now:
    Sighted #27408 1d under Kochab at 01:48:22 UTC May 15 heading east fast,
    degrees per second. What is a SZ 3 Module?
    Beautiful night with crescent moon and Venus and Mars close by after a day
    of rain, snow, sleet and hail during day with high of 38 F. It cleared up
    just after sun went down. Saw 3 Iridium flares from -4.3 mag to a 3.3 mag
    plus several new Cosmos, a couple of unknowns to be identified later and a
    few interesting repeats.  I want to see Aqua but all passes for weeks seem
    to be 3 AM for
    Observed several 1 power flashes at a WSW direction and then again  heading
    NW. Was able to put binoculars on it and see a few more erratic flashes. I
    got an approximate time of 02:32:00 UTC May16 at 7 degree above Castor.
    Using IDSat and an alldat.tle, even though there was a lot of traffic in
    that area of sky, because of time, position and direction it must be 65027BF
    #26732. Because of its range at 2019 km it  was difficult to track when not
    flashing. Has anyone else seen this sat flash?  Also, why does the name
    which is the international designation indicate it was launched in 1965 but
    have a Norad # so high?
    Lat 39.4697 Lon -79.3393  Alt 2573 ft
    I need to read the posts to the list now that the sky is overcast.
    Always nice to be home and viewing again.
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