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From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 13:56:41 EDT

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    Hi Kevin,
    There is at least one point I have failed to mention, and one that may have
    eluded you:
    If you want a "permanent" selection of satellites based on magnitude you
    should not do it in the elset file, because then you have to repeat this
    editing each time you fetch a new elset file! Better edit the Satmag.dat
    file. Note that your editor must not destroy the first three bytes (hex FB
    0C 00) - the first "line" is 22 characters + CR/LF. The last ten characters
    before CR/LF are "00005 10.3" (for Vanguard 1), following lines are more
    standard (each 10 char + CR/LF). UltraEdit (.com) is one very useful editor.
    If you want to predict all satellites in a file (like geo.tle) it is a lot
    easier just to change the SkyMap lighting options menu, or e.g
    DimmestSat=16.0 in the .cfg file.
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