From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 17:31:52 EDT

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    A minor experience, FWIW: 
    We were on a cruise in the Caribbean last week, and I did a 
    little experiment on seeing sats at sea. We'd just rounded the
    western tip of Cuba on our way from Key West to Grand Cayman,
    and a prediction for Havana indicated that HST was going to make
    a favorable pass that evening, at about 20:44 CDT, 01:44 UT. 
    At about 20:00 CDT I took my old Garmin 40 GPS unit out on deck,
    got the current position, ran a new prediction with that(*), and we
    returned to the observation deck. 
    HST came along right on time and track, brighter than we've ever seen it.
    We even got to explain what it was to some other skywatchers who
    were there. 
    (*) The GPS set gave course and speed, which could have been used
    to refine the position for the observation time, but I didn't
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