Chinese sats observed by accident

From: Baldridge, Rick (
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 15:10:48 EDT

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    The following message was sent to me May 15th Pacific Daylight Time.
    Hi Rick, last night (Tuesday May 14th PDT) Dale & I went to Montebello to view the planets.  I was using binoculars.  At 9:50pm PDT I saw three satellites very close together traveling on the same path.  There were just about due south, headed west but slightly "up".  Do you know anything about this strange sight or can you tell me where to search for more info?  Thanks (you are a great resource for us novices!)
    Judi & Dale DeVivo
    Downloaded the latest McCants file and found these satellites closely matching the track.  They are:
    Feng Yun 1D Debris
    Feng Yun 1D
    Hai Yang 1
    Hai Yang 1 and Feng Yun 1D were launched on the same rocket on May 14th at 6:05pm PDT.  Judy saw them just a bit over three hours after launch, and by shear luck no less!  Was this the first observation of these satellites?
    You can read a bit about the satellites and launch at:
    Campbell, CA  USA
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