Re: Venus, Mars and #25875

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 16:10:40 EDT

> Friday May 10 I hope to see Globalstar 48  3/4 degree from Venus and 
> Mars at
> 20.50.50 local time using an 8" reflector at 48X with a 25mm 
> eyepiece which
> gives me almost 1 degree field of view. 


>I can get a 1.4 
> degree
> field of view 30X magnificaton with a 40mm eyepiece. Not sure which 
> eyepiece
> to use.

I would recommend your lowest-power eyepiece.  Higher powers will not
give you any more resolution of the object (unless it is the ISS,
Envisat, Space Shuttle Orbiter, etc.), and they will increase your odds
of missing the satellite entirely.  Besides, lower powers show you
fainter objects - this once again increasing your odds of seeing the

Good luck!

Jonathan T. Wojack       
39.706d N   75.683d W            4 hours behind UT (-4)

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