Grace Obs

From: Jari (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 02:08:59 EDT

Despite a low elevation and increasing haze, but with the help of a
starchart from SkyMap for a reference star and my 10x50s, i was able observe
GRACE 1 #27391 02012A and GRACE 2 #27392 02012B as they passed about 1 deg
below (W) of Haedi, one of the dual stars below Capella. I don't have an
'official' time but the starchart gave me 05:36:25 2 May UTC (with 6 day & 3
hr old elsets). Az 308 El 21. Timing between the 2 was 21 sec, mental count.
The only inaccurate item from the starchart was a predicted mag of 14.7. I
don't have an estimated mag but even with the haze i was able to see them
both without any difficulty however they started to fade as they passed the
reference star.


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