USA 129 - appears to be flashing now!

From: Robert Smathers (SSSSC Sat Shack) (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 22:13:59 PDT

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    Has anyone else experienced USA 129 flashing?
    The night of May 24th was patchy clouds here so I can't confirm
    exactly what was going on, but between patches of clouds I saw
    what had to be USA 129 and then a -5 flash and it was no longer
    seen when it reappeared from behind another cloud (the times and
    elevations matched what was predicted for USA 129).
    May 25th - the evening was clear and USA 129 made a nice almost-overhead
    pass (coming out of the shadow from Arcturus and swinging by the end
    of the big dipper).  I saw the satellite at Arcturus and just about
    the time it got to the big dipper handle, I saw a single -5 flash
    and the satellite disappeared.  I lost visual contact and I couldn't
    find it with binoculars.
    both of these passes were evening passes (one to the east and one
    Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow night - there should be
    a pass towards the west and I can see once again if USA 129 
    will exhibit this strange behavior again.
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