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Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 08:13:17 PDT

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    Al Rubin wrote:
    Several years ago, I casually followed a satellite with binoculars as
    far as I could see it and was surprised how easy it was to tell that the
    satellite was an object at great height because it faded away at such a
    high altitude (unlike a plane which can be followed right to the
    horizon). Since then, I have been observing satellites more frequently.
    The entering of a satellite into the earth shadow does depend on the height
    of the satellite, think of the moon; the latitude of the observer and of
    course the time of year, for polar regions there's no shadow in the
    At my latitude, 52 degrees north, the earthshadow is low in the south in the
    summer. In winter it rises more and more and two hours after sunset the part
    of the sky south of zenit is "in shadow".
    Leo Barhorst.
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