RE: AO-40 magnitude

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 08:29:35 PDT

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    At 23:18 17/05/01 , Dale Ireland wrote:
    >Hi Jay
    >AO-40 also known as Phase 3-D is 26609
    >not listed in the quicksat file
    >1 26609U 00072B   01134.31090278  .00000009  00000-0  00000-0 0   733
    >2 26609   5.1930 193.9752 8146456 267.6333   8.8705  1.27005343  2479
    Dale, since it has a mean motion Of less than 8 revs/day quicksat doesnt
    have to know about it. However I dont think Highfly.mag has been
    updated since AO-40 was launched, so thats no good.
    A check of the data from WSRN suggests a 2 sq metre object has
    a magnitude at 1000 miles of mag 7.0 or so, so at a rangle of 60,000Km
    it would be about 8.5 mags fainter, putting it at mag 15.5
    Rather hard visually, but fairly easy for the amatuer observers who usually
    hunt asteroids, several of whom demonstrably reach mag 19.0.
    E-mail addresses can be supplied if you want AMSAT to request them
    to make observations.
    I would think from memory that the maximum projected area
    of Ao-40 is more than 1.85 sq meter Dale. Have you the diagrams out of
    the amsat newsletter to hand? Of course even if its 4 sq m,
    that only makes it mag 14.8
    Tony Beresford  (AMSAT Life member 959 ) amomg other things
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