Telstar 401

From: Floyd Weaver (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 22:30:05 PDT

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    Hello to all,
    	Tonight I believe I may have seen Telstar 401 naked eye for awhile. First
    noticed around 02:07 UTC by accident, and then I started watching much
    closer at around 02:10. It was flashing I'd estimate at least mag 0. I did
    not have time on me that showed seconds (and I set that time 30 seconds
    fast), but it appeared to be flashing very close to exactly every two
    minutes. Most of the flashes were around mag 0, maybe even brighter on the
    brightest. Time of flashes were 02:11, 02:13, 02:15, 02:17, 02:19, 02:21,
    02:23, 02:25, and 02:27. I think I saw a flash every one of those times as I
    did not write them down as they occurred. I had other sats that I wanted to
    see so I looked for them, but did come back to the flasher a bit later and
    saw one flash, still around an estimated mag 0 at 2:44. I watched long
    enough to be able to see more flashes but none occurred.
    	There were no bright reference stars in the area so figuring out the exact
    az and elv is a bit of an estimate. There was a dim star about 4 degree
    right, and further away a brighter one down and to the right. Estimated az
    and elv are 225 and 36 respectively.
    	My location is 40.39 north and 76.418 west. If any one thinks I saw
    something other than Telstar 401 let me know. I did not know that it was
    flashing this often or that bright.
    Thanks Floyd
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