Lunar transit ?

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Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 15:26:27 PDT

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    This evening I was trying to capture a few seconds of video of Jupiter using
    a 150 mm reflector with webcam at the focal point of the telescope.
    As Jupiter dropped below my horizon I turned my attention to the Moon and
    left the video recording.On reviewing the tape I noticed that around 2120
    gmt an object crosses the N E quadrant of the Moon (somewhere south of  Mare
    Crisium ) from S./west to N/east very quickly.The images at not helped by
    the fact that at the time I was panning slowly from east to west across the
    lunar surface.
    Having failed to capture the  sequence in Real Video format , I have managed
    to break the transit down into a sequence of 5 bitmaps.
    Position here is 53.2325 N   3.53 W (Wirral UK)
    I would be interested to know if  this could have been a LEO
    sat.....although of course it may have been a high flying bird !
    Magnification is hard to estimate , however I would guess somewhere in the
    region of 250X
    Many thanks.
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