Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 17:59:06 PDT

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    On Monday May 29th I was doing an all out satellite observing program for my family.I got predictions of, and I took my family out for a satellite evening.After seeing the Meteor 1-28 Rocket at 9:54PDT fade into the shadow of the earth,it was time for the SL-16 Rocket.It was predicted to come out of the shadow at 48 degress in the south at 9:58:21PDT.The magnitude was supposed to be around 2.8 at an elevation of 80 degress almost straight up.after waiting a few minutes after the Meteor 1-28 Rocket,we turned south and the countdown began.5,4,3,2,1 and there it was out of the shadow at a 3.0 mag. My eyes dropped as I saw it near zenith when it started to flash at rates of 3 per second at a magnitude of -1.Could this be the same SL-16 Rocket that was flashing in August of 1999?
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    Kevin Martin
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