Re: Tumbling Satellites

From: Aaron Brown (asb@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 17:47:24 PDT

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    > In the process, I witnessed a very long (6-7) minute pass of an object which transited
    > just about zenith.  The time was about 10 p.m. on Friday, May 26th (EDT).   The pass moved
    > from the southwest towards the north-northwest.
    > Myself and two observing companions were able to witness a constant change in magnitude
    > from about 4th mag back up to 2nd mag every two seconds or so, and my fiance determined
    > this was a 2 second-spin rate.
    I also saw something that very much matches your description.  I am in
    Santa Barbara, CA, but at about 10 pm local time here, also on Friday the
    26th of May, I saw exactly what you saw, a near zenith path, moving
    quite slowly, as I recall it was heading to the north-northwest,
    changing from about 4th to 2nd magnitude periodically.  I wonder if it was
    the same object.
    34N25' 119W53'
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