Re: STS-101 and ISS undocked

Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 10:56:15 PDT

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    > Hey guys,
    >     Your the first on the list I've seen living nearby! (I'm in 
    > Brooklyn.) 
    >     Yup, I saw that pass. Lovely sight. The leading object -the 
    > dimmer one- 
    > was the ISS. I saw it rise 18^ in the West, heading for a 43^ pass 
    > of 
    > Polaris, then setting in the NE. Unfortunately, I lost in the 
    > eastern sky. 
    > But still magnificent. What's more wondrous is knowing their are 
    > seven 
    > living, breathing people in that tiny little star! 
    Indeed!  I was outside on the same pass, but I didn't see it because I
    was looking at the wrong part of the sky!!  I never did see Atlantis.  It
    would have been nice if I didn't have solid clouds for the first week of
    the flight.  I'll have to wait to September, then.
    Interesting - I looked at the shuttle schedule  -and it seems that only
    eight days after Atlantis lands in September, another shuttle launch will
    take place!!!  But the dates are under review, though.
    I live in Wilmington, DE - not too far away from you.
    Jonathan Wojack
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