#1 USSPACECOM recats -- 12125U

From: John W. Gardner, Jr. (gardjw@juno.com)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 14:39:07 PDT

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    Hello All,
    Though this is off topic. I thought many may benefit with knowledge which
    objects have been re-cataloged (permanently?) by USSPACECOM in recent
    I would like to post one item more or less per day.  The total count of
    recats is around 70 objects, but I'll provide only the significant ones
    which have no relationship to other object.
    Some recats are interesting in that the country ownership of the object
    had changed (along with the cospar) after several years. Please note I'm
    not saying which is the correct entry for stated NORAD number. You will
    have to be the judge.
    Each post, using available electronic Satellite Situation Reports, will
    show the 'earliest' and last record of original object; the first and
    current report of new object; and the respective TLEs at time of changed
    designation if on hand. If there are any objections or questions please
    contact me directly.
    12125U USSPACECOM recat of 1980-105C to 1980-074D occured with Jan 1998
    ---------- GSFC_33.04  (Dec 31, 1993)
      1980-105C                             12125           USSR           
    26 DEC
    ---------- GSFC_38.12  (Dec 31, 1997)
    1980-105C       12125   CIS        87.8    67.1      201        127
    no tle found
    After five years USSR to US ownership as:
    ---------- GSFC_39.01  (Jan 31, 1998)
    1980-074D       12125   US        111.5    26.5     2490        103
    ---------- GSFC_41.04  (Apr 30, 2000)
    1980-074D       12125   US        111.5    26.5     2490        103
    no tle found
    John Gardner,Jr
    Hoarder of TLEs
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