request for iD - flasher sat 5/28

From: ykChia (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 02:01:38 PDT

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    Hi folks:
     On writing my summary for tonite sat observation i happen to glance at
    the 15" monitor and notice a mag+6? satellite sailing just beneath beta
    Crux. I followed it  and found it flashed to mag +4? with a single
    period timing of  4.42 sec. I ran program.rob listings as well as
    alldat.tle but coudn't find any sat ( even around that area).
    LM sky : bad 2.0 LM of optical system +8.5
    Date/Time: May 28 -UT:13h52min54 second
    direction of travel : E
    Site: 103.80255 E, 1.44526N, 20m ( +8 GMT)
    What is the potential candidate for this guy?
    p/s Earlier on watch NOOA 4, Intstat4-K( flashing rapidly?slow increase
    in mag?), Cosmos 2173Rk. as predicted. A thin long meteor entered the
    5x7 d FOV, 1+ second with  debris 'streaming' clearly visible.
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