Re: STS-101 and ISS undocked

From: Olivier Staiger (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 02:08:56 PDT

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    Saw Atlantis 04h42 MESZ (02H42 GMT)  this morning from Vétroz near
    Sion/Switzerland. Had lots of clouds but got lucky in between. Very bright
    and high in the sky. Interesting: When I looked at 03h45 local time at the
    heavens-above website and clicked on STS101 or on ISS, none of them were
    predicted . But then I go on the link that says "all satellites" and as it
    would show the passes for this coming evening I clicked on " previous AM"
    which was now and here, and bingo ! the pass was predicted , Atlantis at
    mag -1.2 , followed 20 seconds later by ISS at mag 0.2. Comparing this info
    with another source (from Nasa) for Zurich confirmed that I should see it,
    at dawn.
    I filmed it with a video camera and will try to work on the images to see if
    a shape can be seen. Tomorrow I should see it again, shortly before landing,
    but clouds will probably be a big trouble for me.
    Olivier "Klipsi" Staiger
    Geneva Switzerland
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