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From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 13:33:51 PDT

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    Hi All,
    I wanted to thank Mike McCants for posting a number of my
    files on his website, including up-to-date versions of
    IRIDFLAR (2.1 with and without coprocessor), COLA, ALLCOLA,
    and the SkyMap Asteroid database and Hipparcos files.  The
    links to IRIDFLAR 2.1, COLA and ALLCOLA can be found at:
    HIP9.ZIP and HIP9IDX.ZIP are located at:
    If you are using HIP8 files prior to March 1999, there is an
    erroneous magnitude 0 star in the southern hemisphere at about
    5h 24m, -60d 56m.  This error was due to a blank magnitude field
    in the original Hipparcos database for HP #120412; unfortunately,
    my conversion software translated the blank as 0.0.  This star
    has been removed in the files at Mike's site.
    SkyMap's asteroid database has been updated with recent minor
    planet orbital elements from Lowell Observatory for all
    known asteroids that can ever reach magnitude +12 or brighter.
    There are currently 1124, about half of which are small
    Apollo/Aten asteroids that are only detectable in amateur
    telescopes during near-earth encounters.
    There have been a few bug fixes and one or two features added
    since the public release of SkyMap 6.4 last year.  Rather than
    release an intermediate version now, I'd like to make a few
    more additions, and then release a version 6.5 -- perhaps in
    a few weeks.
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