From: Wayne Hughes (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 10:52:56 PDT

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    Hi all you cola users:
    I've been trying to use Rob Matson's collision avoidance prediction
    program cola.exe and cannot get past the last entry, which is "duration
    of search (days)" - any number I put in give me the message "start date
    is ****** past the epoch of the target satellite.  Change search start
    date?"  To which "y" puts me back halfway through the data entry and "n"
    ends the program with no output.  No manner of changing previous input
    entries avoids this except:
    I am able to get the initial calculation of satellites having the
    intersecting range so my guess is that there is a Y2K glitch in the
    program.  Indeed when I put the year 1900 in, I then avoid the above
    error message and I do get an output file, but it's a list of the
    satellite with initialization errors.
    Can anyone confirm that there's a y2k problem with cola.exe?  Is there a
    compliant version now available?    Am I doing something else wrong?
    Thanks for all the help, past and present!
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