re: Unknown Flare

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 05:17:53 PDT

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    > I observed a flare (mag 0) 
    > it may be NOAA 9 (15427)
    May well be (I haven't checked any elements).  NOAAs are notorious for
    bright glints, including rather rapid double glints.  See, e.g., for a rather
    nice report by Ed Cannon which includes a provocative question or for an earlier
    report from me when I was more confused about the flashing behavior of the
    If that doesn't satisfy your thirst, try the search 
    noaa double seesat
    at, for dozens of links.
    Speaking of flashing, Christian Ackermann, if you are reading this, the
    data you report for Okean-O R/B 25861 (99-39B) would be excellent for the
    PPAS,, where such OBS are
    tabulated by the tens of thousands into a valuable research trove.
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