ISS & STS 101, and a few others

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 04:08:24 PDT

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    I had the good fortune to have a clear morning and was able 
    to watch ISS and STS101 for about four minutes, from about 
    10:43:35 to about 10:47:35.  They generally seemed to be 
    about as bright as Vega -- except that at about 10:47:02, 
    as they were getting difficult to see low in the north in
    the dawning light, they suddenly flashed very briefly (for
    a fraction of a second) to about -3!
    A while earlier (about 10:05) I saw DSP 20 Titan Rk (26357, 
    00-24B) from about pass culmination on.  (I almost missed 
    it due to going outside too late.)  It was about +2 and 
    tumbling with a period of maybe 1.5 seconds.  (I hadn't yet 
    gotten my stopwatch freed up from last night's observations.)
    Also, earlier I saw a couple of bright Iridium flares low in 
    the sky:  Iridium 75 at about 9:53:41, -3, and Iridium 64 at
    about 10:35:37, -5.  Both seemed pretty nearly as predicted,
    as well as a couple of other fainter ones this morning.
    EUVE (21987, 92-31A) was one-power for about a minute earlier.
    Was not able to find (one-power) UHF F2 Rk (22788, 93-56B).
    Observing location, my apartment: 30.3086N, 97.7279W, 150m.
    The last two evenings FUSE (25791, 99-35A) has been visible
    at one-power from BCRC (semi-dark site, no moonlight).
    Now I'd better try to get some sleep!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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