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From: Arnold Barmettler (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 06:42:12 PDT

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    Walter Nissen wrote:
    > Will it be possible for many of us to provide predictions for local
    > media so that many more people can view overflights of the shuttle?
    > It appears that the Office of Flight Dynamics at JSC (possibly at the
    > urging(?) of Jonathan Weaver or perhaps Paul Maley(?)) has released a
    > large number of anticipated elsets for the flight of STS-101 well in
    > advance:
     is using this elements sets from the mission planning
    released by JSC for shuttle predictions for every place on earth; so you
    don't have to bother with entering the correct TLE for the various time
    intervals. However, TLEs for ISS are from NASA and thus the two objects
    diverge over next days.
    BTW, is anybody from this list at EUSAR, so we can talk about Lacrosse?
    Best regards
    Arnold Barmettler
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