What Sat?

From: Chris Wyatt. (space@origin.net.au)
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 02:20:39 PDT

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    G'day Listers,
    Just before the ISS/STS-101 pass I posted an unknown satelite was
    spotted by my 9 yr old son entering Orion from the Nth., we veiwed it
    for about 30 to 40 secs before it disappeared in WSW about 35deg elev in
    earth's shadow. Must have been low, was fast moving & only slightly
    fainter than ISS/STS-101 combination when first spotted. Was first
    spotted about 8:12UT in NW its track would have taken it from NNW to
    Chris Wyatt, in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
    36d46m35s South 144d14m28s East, 240m Alt.
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