R: Space Shuttle Atlantis

From: Olivier Staiger (olivier.staiger@span.ch)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 16:42:44 PDT

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    When does Atlantis dock, and when does she undock ?
    According to heavens-above, I can see the ISS from Geneva as of May 25 each
    morning. according to heavens-above I can also see Atlantis from Geneva
    starting May 25 each morning, on similar path but not at same time. Does
    this mean that on May 25 they will already be undocked again ? Landing is
    May 29, so undocking May 25 seems early to me.
    According to heavens-above, the passes of Atlantis as seen from Geneva will
    be very bright, in negative magnitudes, and flying from high south to low
    east, excellent for me to view right from my balcony. I will try to take
    images, weather permitting.
    Again according to heavens-above, I should see Atlantis on May 29 at
    mag. -3.0 around 04h24 MESZ (02H24 UT), which would be probably a few hours
    before landing. I think she will do one more orbit after that pass but in
    daytime it will hardly be visible from Geneva. Is this correct ? In that
    case, the 04h24 pass will be very bright AND quite low orbit, thus best
    chance to distinguish Atlantis' shape with strong binoculars or video zoom
    Olivier  "Klipsi"  Staiger
    "I'm not important, I'm just lucky."
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