Space Shuttle Atlantis

Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 19:00:43 PDT

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    I've been watching the shuttle today on NASA TV, via the Internet.  You
    can go to my web page and see the location of NASA TV on the internet, as
    well as the latest schedule.
    I was watching it with my $21.95/month AOL connection.  28.8k runs like
    real-time video; refresh rate well below a second.  But the resolution
    was quite low.  But the 56k connection was good resolution, but the
    refresh rate was like one frame for every five seconds!
    So, I just happen to decide to fire up my Juno web connection (absolutely
    free!), and the refresh rates for both the 28.8k and the 56k are the
    same!  Basically full-motion video in real-time!
    I mention this, because I would think that others are irritated by the
    low refresh rates at the NASA TV web site.  If you want faster
    connections (for up to 56k modems), then get Juno!  Go to to
    get the software.  I don't work for Juno, and won't get anything if you
    do sign up (yes, absolutely no fees!  They make money by advertising. 
    While on the Web, there will always be a quite small rectangular bar -
    but it really isn't much of a nuisance), but if you want to see NASA TV
    the way it was meant to be, without irritation and laziness, then you
    know what to do.
    NASA TV is great!!  
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