Re: Spooks and SeeSat-l

Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 11:10:05 PDT

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    >Apparently the spooks are not amused by amateur sat watching 
    >kind of gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over, doesn't it?  The 
    >part is, that before the article, there were possibly 600 people 
    >wide who visited, now there will be millions, TIME
    >even included a LINK to the site with the tracking info... If the 
    >guys" mentioned in the article weren't sure how to track our spy 
    >at least now all they have to do is click on the article to get the
    >info! The only thing TIME forgot in the article was a link to the 
    >that have instructions for building atomic weapons... Who's screwing 
    >more, the amateur sat trackers, or TIME...?   Arrgh...
    Seriously - has anyone on this list ever been questioned by the US or the
    UN?  Particulary Russell Eberst?  I mean, really - why even restrict the
    issuing of TLE's of classified satellites anyway?  The evil SeeSat-ers
    will track them anyway  : - )  What keeps Vladimir Apogov from giving the
    Russian government the orbits of the classified satellites (I only use
    the name for illustration - I am not making charges!)?
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