Re: Iridium 30 long flare (+aurora again!)

Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 11:44:56 PDT

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    >  I've never seen a flare that
    >>      lasted so long!  Is this common or just a feature of the 
    >>      situation?
    >The very first Iridium flare that I ever observed lasted between 15 
    >20 seconds, and probably peaked at -8 magnitude. Looked like a car
    >headlight coming down. The flare was very gradual and smooth up and 
    >in magnitude, except a flicker at the end... I have not seen one like 
    >since. I can only assume that I happened to be Dead Center of the
    >predicted path just by sheer luck.
    A few months ago I saw an evening Iridium flare.  It was visible at
    naked-eye for several minutes.
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