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Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 17:18:38 PDT

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    	Running alldat.tle for the reported time, location, az & alt. with no constraints on
    reflectivity and out to 200000 km, I noted 13566, (78026FD, Delta 1 debris), at AZ 116,
    ALT 19, at 19:34:10 local time with a gmt offset of -6.0.  It goes from south to east
    and rises as it passes the 120 azimuth.  According to the prediction
    it would have been at AZ 120, ALT 18 at 19:33:45, and the elset is six days old
    as of the observation date and time.  The latest elset, epoch today, would put the
    object very close to the reported location but in shadow. 
    	Functioning Iridiums can be visible for a minute or two at magnitudes 2.0 to -2.0; I
    believe I have two photos at sat-tracks of Iridium flares in the indicated magnitude
    range for at least a minute, one near polaris and one eclipsing eta drac.
    CC Angel Llanas
    Chris Peat wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > I just received this message and I cannot think what this person saw - it
    > doesn't seem to fit with Mir, ISS or HST. Could anyone help him please?
    > Thanks Chris
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    > From: Angel Llanas []
    > Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 19:33
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    > Hi Chris:
    > Yesterday 15/may/2000, I was waiting to see the pass of Iridium 20 satellite
    > at 19:39:29 (Predictions of your Website, beautiful).
    > However, at 19:34:10 (time via GPS, -6 GMT), pass a objet uknow and Mag. -5,
    > Alt. 18 degrees, Azimuth 120 degrees with direction to S-E. The intensity of
    > the flare long was 1 minute. Much more time that  a iridium satellite.
    > Just middle degree below of the moon.
    > Would you like tell me what kind of objet was this?
    > I think that was a MIR, HST or ISS, but I dont know....
    > My position is (via GPS):
    > 19.4766 Lat-N
    > 99.1280 Long-W
    > 2349 Meters on sea level.
    > Mexico city
    > Regards
    > Angel
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